Welcome to karinacraft.com !

In here you can find high quality, handmade artworks and crafts, suitable for home decorations, gifts of every day use. Every artworks is made from little bit of love and high quality materials (depending form product: leather, canvas, paints etc.) and is unique and imitable.

As an artist I constantly seeking new techniques and ways to create my works, but I also enjoy using time tested methods form time to time so my artworks are various and unique. Because of that everyone should find something suitable for him.

However in case you did not find that perfect exact craft or artwork you were looking for or have some ideas you would like to fulfill contact me individually. I work with individual orders and project so I will be able to fulfill your ideas and make artwork even more personal, unique and lovely.

Regarding individual orders contact me using provided phone number or vie email using provided contact form. In case you have so request concerning objects that are difficult to transport (paintings on the walls, ceilings or other big objects) we can arrange time I can come to agreed upon place.

In case in the shop you have found something special, but you want to offer a different price or you want to buy more than one product, contact me using contacts provided and we can try to arrange more suitable offer for you.